For Golf day , School open day’s, sports, Product Promotion Branding, Launches (Brand Activation), mall booths brand display.

1. Roll Up/ Banner Stands

also known as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners, are an important resource for any exhibitor looking to stand out at an exhibition or trade show. They can also be used to make a big impact in your shop or place of business as a great addition to your point of sale material. Pull Up Banner is ideal for events, promotions, conferences, trade expos, and in-store displays. The system is quick and easy to setup so that you can easily put up and take down your message. The Pull Up Banner also folds away compact and comes with a bag so that it can be transported easily. The stand is re-usable whenever you change your campaign.
Size: 850mm x 2000mm Standard System, 850mm x 2000mm Deluxe System, 1200mm x 2000mm Deluxe System, Non-Curl PVC High Quality Print, Includes Bag + Print + Unit

2. Pop Up Banners

Are an excellent way to promote your brand indoors or outdoors. Pop Up Banners are easy to transport and assemble, utilizing a unique spring action set up that literally “pops open”, transforming a flat-packed display into a full eye catching Banner.
Sizes: 1.5m x 0.7m, 2m x 1m,100% Polyester Material, Digital Dye Sublimation, are Includes print, bag and unit

3. Branded Gazebo

provides brand awareness whether it be indoors or outdoors, shade and shelter. The Branded Gazebo is portable and easy to use, lending itself to any marketing situation Branded Gazebos are a popular choice due to its affordability and performance. One of the most efficient and hassle-free forms of advertising. From outdoor events such as sports days or corporate functions to any indoor event these lightweight Branded Gazebos are the perfect branding solution. The full colour Branded Gazebo is water resistant. The Branded Gazebo is fully collapsible and easy to set up. You can also add branded half or full walls to your Branded Gazebo.

Sizes: 2m x 2m Aluminium Frame, 2m x 2m Standard Steel Frame, 3m x 3m Aluminium Frame, 3m x 3m Deluxe Steel Frame, 3m x 3m Standard Steel Frame 3m x 4,5 Aluminium Frame, 3m x 6m Aluminium Frame, Aluminium / Steel Frame, Includes Ropes, pegs and bag included Waterproof canvas material, Digital Dye Sublimation

4. Banner walls

Also called Media Walls or Backdrops. Perfect for special occasions, photo shoots, conferences and promotional events. Your Banner Wall can be printed on one or both sides and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and budget. The easy to fold and store design and lightweight aluminium frame makes transportation simple.
Sizes: 2250mm x 2250mm, 3000mm x 2250mm,3750mm x 2250mm, 4500mm x 2250mm Dye-Sublimation Print, 100% Polyester Material, Includes bag, print and unit These visual display systems allow you exposure of advertising messages, graphics and promotional material in the most effective way possible. Banner walls can be assembled, tool-free, in minutes, which makes them ideal for trade shows, Exhibitions Promotional events, presentations, press briefings and product launches. Are Portable, durable and lightweight.

5. Telescopic banners

If you’re looking for a portable, easy to set up, fully customizable advertising solution, then the teardrop banner is the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor event. Buying two banners is a great way to add a little flare to your tent or booth. Sizes: 2000mm x 650mm, 3000mm x 650mm, 4000mm x 650mm, Dye Sublimation, 100% Polyester Flag Material, Print 80% Shine through, Includes print, poles, bag and ground spike.

6. Sharkfin banners

Designed to fly in high winds, the Sharkfin Banner is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. It is available as single or double sided units. Sizes: 2000mm x 680mm,3000mm x 680mm,4000mm x 680mm Digital Dye Sublimation,100% Polyester Flag Material, Print 80% Shine through Includes print, poles, bag and ground spike.

7. Arc Banner

Also known as curved banners is a great way of creating brand awareness. Arc Banners are ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising. Designed to fly in high winds, the Arc Banner is lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.

8. A-Frame

The outdoor A-frame sign has a unique external aluminum structure that can withstand intense weather and repeated setups and breakdowns. The outdoor A-frame is easy to set up, and even easier to change the graphics for different events or new advertisements.

9. Parasols umbrellas

A great way for your brand exposure, we manufacture placing emphasis on communicating your corporate identity loud and clear to the max. Parasol Umbrellas are the ideal outdoor Umbrella being both durable and able to withstand wind. Parasol Umbrellas are perfect for use outside of restaurants and cafes and for outdoor corporate events, being wind resistant and waterproof. Sizes: Standard – 2m x 2m Other sizes available on request
Digital Dye Sublimation Printed on Waterproof canvas material applied on Aluminium Frame, option With or without base

10. Branded Tablecloth

We offer Branded Tablecloths on dye sublimated material finished with a hem all round. Table Cloths Complete your corporate look and add a professional touch to your trade show, golf day, product demo, indoor or outdoor event by using a branded Table Cloth. Sizes: 1400mm x 1400mm Standard 2400mm x 1400mm Half Hanging 3000mm x 2000mm Full Hanging Box Fitted Table Clothes, Stretch Fitted Table Cloth Table Cloth Runner Custom Sizes available on request 100% Polyester Material printed in Full Colour

11. Point of Sale – Hanging Banners

The Hanging Banner allows PVC, fabric or paper Banners of any size to be professionally displayed. Banners of any width and length can be mounted with the Hang Graphic system. Sizes: 2000mm x 900mm,2000mm x 1200mm, 3500mm x 1200mm, We also offer custom sizes, PVC / 100% Polyester Material.

12. Fabric Banner Frame

Offers elegant branding solutions for just about any environment, ie retail Shops, corporate offices, exhibitions, Trade Shows, Convention Centres, Malls, Coffee Shops, Museums, Fashion Boutiques, Retail Showroom, POS, Office Partitions, Restaurant, Call Centres, Auditoriums, Dining Room, Living Room, Interior Design, Classrooms etc
Fabric Banner Frame is available in single and double sided, as well as a wall-mounted option. High resolution graphics printed onto matt polyester fabric. Some people might call these stretch banner frames, tension fabric frames, banner display frames, banner frames for walls or frames for fabric posters. Sizes: 2m x 1m, 3m x 1m PVC Aluminium Frame, Includes print, bag and unit

13. Display stands,Snap frames

Are made from high quality, modern & stylish aluminium profiles. Attractive and flexible in-store messaging, ideal for displaying tactical & promotional messages. They are light in weight, can be easily assembled & moved. often also referred to as “pavement stands” or “sandwich” boards are lightweight, portable and convenient and are ideal for indoor and outdoor displays and the folding metal frame collapses back into a convenient storage bag between usage making them excellent for sporting events, promotions, trade shows and directional Snap in frames are a favourite with retailers who have regular specials and thus change the inserts (advertised products) regularly. Changing the sign panels is quick and easy with a Snap-In Side walk Sign or hanging or wall mounted display sign. To change the message simply open the sign frame and insert the new sign panel into clips inside of the frame.
Sizes: AO 841mm x 1189mm,A1 – 594mm x 841mm, Aluminum Clip Frame A2 Our Clip Frames can be supplied single-sided or double-sided and can be mounted on a selection of display stands, H-stand & Lollipop stand, to suit your application

14. Name Badges

Are made from a product called rowmark, it has a metallic/metal appearance, that gets engraved or we can apply a sticker onto the badge, we print it in full colour and afterwards apply a see-through resin to the badge, this makes it look glassy and gives it a dome like effect. We then offer the choice of either a magnetic backing or a pin backing.

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