Signage being the doorway to your business identity must be done in a way that’s easily reflects your brand so the graphic designs, symbols, emblems, or words, used must be outstanding. Our offering includes a number of branding options including:

1. Light-Boxes

We offer a variety of illuminated signage solutions, from basic fluorescent light-boxes to intricate 3D fabricated units, in almost any custom shape.
90 or 150mm deep Aluminium extrusions, Chromadek back-plate (when single sided), PVC corner connectors, LED or Neon tubes (for lighting), Perspex of flex-face front face, Wiring, starter units, timers (if requested) and energisersThe Choice between a Perspex and Translucent PVC (Flex-Face) Lightbox Face.Perspex panels are available up to a maximum size of 3 050 x 2 030mm. box with aluminium frame.

2. 3D signs letters or logos

Are typically 80mm in depth, and can be as large as you could possibly imagine in height and length. We build the faces out of a flexible vinyl to avoid breakage and to reduce the weight for the installation. All back illuminated backing boards are made using flexible vinyl for the fabricated Perspex letters and logos, also known as 3D letters. We offer these as stand alone elements or mount them to a backing board. We can also illuminate these letters via LED strip lighting. Vinyl elements can be added to the face of these letters and/or logos.

3. Face-Lighted Channel

Letters can incorporate many different plexiglass combinations to produce solid color, day/night color reversals, and exposed neon effects. Each channel letter consists of an enclosure, usually a metal box, having a rear surface which is positioned against a raceway, the wall of the building or the like, on which the signage is mounted . A light source, such as a neon tube or other light source is positioned within the walls of the enclosure and attached to the rear surface to provide illumination for the letter. For high profile sign applications, three dimensional illuminated or non illuminated channel letters are an ideal choice. Every set of channel letters is custom designed to compliment the building’s existing architecture. High-efficiency L.E.D. lighting or fluorescent lighting for really large letters can be used each having its own benefits.

4. Back-Lighted Channel Letters sign

Is elegant. These metal face letters are lighted internally from behind producing halo’s of light which outline your logo and copy elements. Back-Light/ Face-Light Combos The best of both worlds! Light up your logo with this eye catching configuration. Enjoy the spectacular color effects of face-lighted letters and highlight these effects with a glowing halo of color.


The cost depends on the following factors:

  • How high above the ground the lettering needs to be installed.
  • Whether it is individual lettering or if it’s one sheet where the letters have been cut out of.
  • The method of attachment i.e flat, against a smooth flat surface etc
  • The area where the installation should take place.
  • How fast you want it done

5. Chromadeck Signs

With or without frames Chromadek Signs are long lasting, Can be framed to give that appealing look. Can be fitted all round with an aluminium angle for an appealing look and to protect vinyl sticker peeling off at the edges, mounted against a wall or installed as a projecting sign.

6. PVC Stretch Signs & PVC Banners

Are digitally printed and either framed on a steel square or rectangle frame, can be ffamed and fitted with an aluminium angle for a stylish look and against a wall. Pcv banners can also be applied eyelets all round to use a rope or cable tights to fasten against a fence or a steel structure.

7. Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs (which are ground-mounted and free-standing) can vary in size and height, as well as construction methods. Free-standing signs are often the most effective in communicating your message to the public. They`re typically placed close to the roadway with the sign face perpendicular to the road. When they`re built to a proper height and size.

8. Reception Signs

Reception and foyer signage is often the first point of contact someone has with your business. Make a lasting first impression and imprint the personality of your brand . Incorporate your logo, colours and graphics in a combination of applications including 3-Dimensional, acrylic, aluminium or vinyl .

9. Aluminium or Perspex cutout letters

laser cut to any shape or size then mounted with pins so they can stand off or flush against the wall producing a very impressive display of corporate image. LED Lighting can also be added for a Halo effect, simply fixed directly to a flat interior or exterior wall.

10. Standoff signs

One of the most professional ways to mount a sign in a business setting is to use standoffs. First impressions are important to guests and customers. Having a clean, elegant finish to your sign sends an unspoken message of trust, confidence and pride in what you do.

Why use standoffs?

There are many ways to hang your sign, standoffs give your sign a refreshing three-dimensional look. With standoffs, your sign is projected from the wall for an eye-catching display sure to impress anyone. Standoffs allow your sign to literally pop from the wall. Standoff screws are not only attractive, they also support the weight of a sign firmly to a wall, so you don’t have to worry about your sign falling down from tape or other adhesive hanging methods. Standoffs are the preferred option for logo signs above a reception desk, a directory sign, and even look good for room identification signs.

11. Wallpaper

Printed the colours and the message you want to communicate express your brand in a friendly welcoming manner. Digitally Printed Wallpaper is a great way to change your home, office and/or retail interiors. The digital wallpaper creation process begins with a digital file, it is created using a digitally created (graphic design) image or photograph.
Our Digitally Printed Wallpaper is customized to your requirements. Installation quote is separate, please send us an email with your location and wallpaper requirements.
NB You would need to have your wall covered with a primer before we can do the installation of the wallpaper. The primer’s role is to allow the wallpaper to stick to the paint on the wall because your wallpaper will peel off if you do

12. Window Graphics

All shop front and window graphics are designed to our customers’ individual requirements. Window graphics are a very cost effective way to display your company name and the services you provide. Window graphics are an effective tool to grab the attention of customers and enhance your surroundings. They are the perfect way to feature products, services and promotions as well as list your contact information. From large window graphics to small custom cut window graphics, Pinnacle Media offers the choice of full colour printing on one side that is transparent on the other, double-sided print as well as complete block out. As well as a wide range of applications from permanent adhesive to removable, solid, on white, clear and frosted vinyl.

13. Sandblasted or frosted vinyl

Sandblasting vinyl is an effective and affordable method of branding your windows. Either at home, in shopping centers or at your premises. This type of vinyl can be used for a variety of other decorative purposes such as adding patterns or solid panels to your windows.
When requesting a quote from us, please state the size of the vinyl you require, its purpose and the duration you would like it to last for us to give you a more accurate quote for your specific needs.
Our quotes are based on:

  • The surface area to be covered (size of glass panel/s)
  • The detail in your design/logo
  • The height from the ground for application

14. Contravision

Is a perforated vinyl that comes with self-adhesive backing. It can change a plain window or shop front into an eye-catching and unique design, which markets your brand effectively. It can even transform an entire building into a stunning advertising structure. Its reliable in that it doesn’t peel off on the edges after application and is the best material for window graphics, buildings, cars, vans, buses and retail outlets signs. Depending on the visibility and the quality of the visual contravision comes in:20% Transparency (80/20), 30% Transparency (70/30), 40% Transparency (60/40) 50% Transparency (50/50)

15. One-way Vision

A popular material for window graphics, buildings, cars, vans, buses and retail signs is a perforated window graphics film called One-Way Vision, which is see-through from inside your store but has full- color when viewed from the outside. If you are worried that someone might damage your vinyl window graphics? Choose the Inside Glass option, which allows you to apply your vinyl window graphics inside the window facing outward. Installation, mounting & Application Services for all signage, fittings at a very competitive rates.

16. Canvas Printing

Create stretched canvas prints to display your favourite photos or images. Whether you want to showcase your kids, create a custom headboard with a peaceful landscape or a beautiful panoramic print, we have the solution you’re looking for. Image is printed on 280Gsm Canvas and stretched over a 32mm wooden frame. Sizes: A0, A1, A2, We also offer custom made sizes for all canvas prints

17. Fence wraps

are widely used for brand exposure at outdoor events and often used as crowd control. Whether you are concealing or beautifying a construction site, promoting an event, or setting up barriers for outdoor activities – such as marathons, races, cycling events or parades – these wraps (also known as “fence covers”, “fence banners will make your site or event demand attention.
Sizes: Any Custom Sizes Required, with or without eyelets, Printed on mesh or pvc based on the sites requirements

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