The Printer Line offers a complete choice of sizes
From small and handy up to large and generous – the largest range of formats from round to oval and even a triangle. Produced in high quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use. Available in all kinds of formats from rectangular to round. For eye-catching and outstanding imprints. Almost all common sizes are available from very small up to X-large imprints. Offers a wide range of text-, dater- and text-dater-stamps and even stamps equipped with stock text Basic design with full functionality. Slim, very compact design. The well designed handle with integrated rips at all sides allows an extremely pleasant handling. The pre-punched index card shows the complete imprint and is protected by the index window.

Integrated rubber feet on the bottom of the casing prevent the stamp from sliding while stamping. On both sides of the handle a self-releasing locking device is integrated which allows transportation in locked position. This turns the Printer into a convenient, portable pocket stamp.

Printer C10 Lines of text3 Size of imprint10 x 27 mm Colours Handle colours 3

C20 Handle colours,Lines of text4,Size of imprint14 x 38 mm,Colours 3, Packaging Optional, Spare pad E/20

C30 Handle colours3, Lines of text5, Size of imprint18 x 47 mm, 3Colours(Blacl, Blue & Red)

C40 Handle colours,Lines of text6, Size of imprint23 x 59 mm, Colours3

C50 Handle colours, Lines of text7, Size of imprint30 x 69 mm, Colours3

C60 Handle colours ,Lines of text8, Size of imprint 37 x 76 mm, Colours handle colours 3


Plastic self-inking date and text stamp. Basic date stamp with text – generates a day/month/year date format,with an individual text in a rectangular size.

Printer 52-Dater

Handle colours,Lines of text5,Size of imprint30 x 45 m,Colours1,Height of datefield3 mm Spare pad E/53 E/53/2, Plastic self-inking date and text stamp.
The confirmation dater for the office – has 4mm sized date characters, in day/month/year format,with an individual text in a rectangular size. The year band is valid for 12 years.

Printer S 260

Sample Imprint,Plastic self-inking date and text stamp.Handle colours3, Lines of text3, Size of imprint24 x 45 mm,Colours1, spare pad E/200 E/200/2,Height of datefield 4 mm

Printer 35 Dater

Handle colours1,Lines of text5,Size of imprint30 x 50 mm,Colours1,Height of datefield 4 mm, Spare pad E/35

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